Because Asiatic celebrations are steeped in tradition and specialty, it’s important to know the proper cultural cuffs as a visitor. From clothes to surprise- giving, there’s a lot to taking in. This article provides all the information you need to know about Eastern wedding visitor etiquette so you can relax and watch the big time.


A great dress or suit is recommended because attending a Chinese wedding is a little more elegant than attending a European one. White or black clothes are inappropriate for girls because they represent death and mourning in some civilizations. It’s even a good idea to stay your skirt length above the knee.


Bringing a donation to a wedding is regular exercise in most civilizations, and it’s no unique for Asian marriages. Normally, the bride and groom ask customers to bring an “angpow”, or dark packet, filled with money to cover their dining charges. It’s best to test with the pair thai woman before deciding how much to provide, as the number differs.

Teasing the bride and groom on the evening of the ceremony

Traditional Chinese bridal etiquette calls for the groom and bride to be teased on their bridal night in order to protect against bad spirits and to give the brides heath, prosperity, happiness, and lifestyle. Friends can do this by giving them gifts, chanting or dancing, or even just making gags to stay the few laughing. The bride and groom’s brothers and friends typically do this, but any few colleague can do it as well.